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Maya Hughes

Lankybox Giant Mystery Box

Lankybox Giant Mystery Box

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The most popular YouTube gaming pair in the world, LankyBox, is made up of actors Justin and Adam and their animated ensemble of characters, which includes Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky. They produce hilarious, high-energy videos that feature games, challenges, and shorts.The Giant Mystery Box is now available for LankyBox enthusiasts who can't get enough of the enormously popular YouTube channel! The brand-new set is the ultimate surprise unpacking experience because it is chock full with amazing collectibles. It includes stickers, a squishy, a pop-it fidget toy, a six-glow-in-the-dark plush, Canny with a pop-out Sticky, and figures. Not only does the case serve as a play helmet, but it also allows kids to dress up as the well-known figure Boxy! The inventive charisma and strong energy of the LankyBox movies are captured in every piece of content.

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