MM Monili Milano®, a new idea of ​​jewelry

Inspired by the fashionable and practical dual soul of the Italian fashion capital, the new brand of customizable and transformable bijoux debuts with a collection of glass chains 

The MM Monili Milano brand was born in 2020 with the aim of proposing a new idea of ​​transformable bijoux, capable of combining versatility, craftsmanship and aesthetic sensitivity.

The original intuition of Mariarita Rosa, for thirty years a professional in communication in the fashion and design sector, in a team with two other professionals in the fashion world, the stylist Mirella Musumeci and the art director Sabrina Tajé, comes from a need personal. Great lovers of glasses, over the years they have lost them several times. Thus the idea of ​​presenting on the market chains for glasses inspired by the "Milanese sensibility", fashionable but practical, which combines style and quality with multifunctionality, takes shape, and which are transformed into refined necklaces.

MM Monili Milano wants to meet the needs of a company that, despite leading a hectic lifestyle, with little time available to transform its look throughout the day, does not give up on having a touch of personal style, suitable for any occasion. . The concept of transformation is the basis of the product, allowing you to change your look with a simple gesture.

The collection of necklaces, entirely made in Italy, which are transformed into glass chains - both for her and for him - ranges from basic and cheerful models to more constructed and refined models and revolutionizes an object of great daily use.

Only for her, instead, the necklaces that turn into belts or the necklaces to hang the glasses that become bracelets or charms to be attached to the handbag or the loop of the jeans.

Handcrafted with details of pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones, all the jewels that make up the collection are in hypoallergenic metal plated with 24 karat gold, 18K rose gold and silver.

The first MM Monili Milano collection will debut in autumn 2020 on the website