Smart working with style

Working from home, never looking for glasses again with MM Monili Milano

the new collection of transformable jewels inspired by the dual soul, fashionable and practical, of the Italian fashion capital


All over the world we have been talking about smart-working for several years, but - as they say "virtue of necessity" - it was precisely during this stormy 2020 that we realized the fundamental importance that remote work can represent, and its potential in improving our lifestyle. In addition to reducing stress, creating a better balance between private and working life, smart working is also an ally in the fight against climate change, contributing to the reduction of pollutants emitted by means of transport.

For those who have adopted this working style, however, there was no lack of challenges. How to organize a space for work within the living dimension and make the environment smart too? MM Monili Milano has thought about these issues for a long time, looking for a practical but trendy solution that could meet people who do not give up a touch of elegance, while embracing an organized lifestyle. MM Monili Milano jewels are in fact practical necklaces that are transformed into chains for glasses, to meet the need of those who, during the working day (but not only), between paper and digital, between myopia and presbyopia, take off their glasses, he gets lost, looks for them, finds them again.

With MM Monili Milano chains, losing your glasses will be just a distant memory, because they will always hang around your neck thanks to an elegant glass chain. And if one day you prefer to use contact lenses, the eyeglass chain turns into a necklace, with a classic style that adapts to any look. Smarter than that!

Work smart and stay tuned!

Necklaces that turn into eyeglass chains, handcrafted with refined details of crystal pearls or semi-precious stones, are in 24 karat gold, rose gold and silver plated metal.