Giacomo Cattaneo aka Dialogantemente

Today we meet Giacomo Cattaneo, creator of Dialogantemente. 

Your motto: 

“Winter always turns into spring” Nichiren Daishonin 

Who are you? Giacomo Cattaneo, half from Valtellina and half from Crema, born in Switzerland. I do not consider myself a stylist but a creative craftsman / artist.

How social are you? I prioritize the time and energy I have available for the design and study of my creations. Interaction with social media is for me the completion of a path that for Dialogante does not add or take anything away. My creations must be explained and above all touched by hand. I like to think that social networks are used to create synergy between people, which is why I added a page on my site called "artisan and artist friends" that I host and "advertise" using social media such as FB and IG , just for the fun of it and not to make a profit.

IG @dialogante_mente

FB @dialogantemilano

What is happiness for you? For me, happiness is being able to realize what the mind creates. It is being able to avoid getting stuck in the expectations of others, eliminating all labels and giving yourself the opportunity to change your mind with respect to what you had set for yourself to give space to your own value to emerge. This is why there is Dialogantemente which is nothing more than a "container" of all my passions. Dialogante is a logo for everything that can be touched by hand. Dialogantly, it also “contained” holistic disciplines such as Reiki, flower therapy and more.

What is style for you? It can be a way of life, a way of dressing, a dietary criterion ... For me, your style is the set of habits that lead you to feel at ease.

Your favourite color? It is never easy for me to answer this question as it depends on what an item of clothing refers to? A house wall? An accessory? I can say that instinctively I always have to answer orange and purple, I would certainly never answer blue.

Transformation: according to your point of view 

  • move and take the necessary actions to transform life by indulging your deepest desires;
  • turn a bad day with a smile;
  • transform a discontinued item of clothing into a bag;
  • use any object by transforming its original use;
  • use your limits by transforming them into unique and special abilities;
  • use one's own painting by transforming it into a print for fabrics intended for making clothes;
  • often the transformations I implement are dictated by the desire to give a new life to the many, sometimes too many, things that are in circulation. I prefer to use the term transform rather than recycle; transforming is also giving a creation the possibility of being used in multiple ways. A trivial example to explain what I mean is a sarong that can be used on the beach to lie down, then used as a cover-up, as a pouch to carry a child on the shoulders, as a skirt ... In conclusion, for me the real transformation is to think that we never stop transforming.

Giacomo chose the 24K gold and rhodium plated "New York" eyeglass chain and wears a Dialogante creation.